Millie Bobby Brown likes to dress ''appropriately''.

The 13-year-old actress has admitted she has ''never'' been a girl who wants to dress ''provocatively'', and she would much rather sport a pair of shorts and a sporty pair of trainers instead of a skimpy ensemble.

Speaking to Teen Vogue magazine about her wardrobe preferences, the 'Stranger Things' star said: ''I've never been one of those girls who dresses provocatively. It's just not me. I keep it as appropriate as possible. I wear tonnes of shorts and sneakers.''

Millie has recently been announced as an ambassador for the American fashion house Calvin Klein, which has seen the star feature in the label's campaigns, but the teenager doesn't consider herself to be a model who works in silence and does not speak up about any discomfort she feels.

She explained: ''I'm modelling for Raf Simons at Calvin. I'm not a model in the sense that I pose and just suck it up.''

And Millie has revealed she has no fear in letting the 49-year-old designer, Raf Simons, know when the material of the clothes she wears for the commercial are ''itchy'' or ''not comfortable''.

She explained: ''I'm like, 'Uh, no' if something is itchy or not comfortable.''

Millie has revealed she feels ''more confident'' in herself when she has a short crop, and after she chopped off her locks for her role as Jane 'Eleven' Ives in the Netflix series was ''so freeing''.

Speaking about her beauty overhaul and the impact it has had on her, she said: ''I do feel more confident when I have short hair. After shaving it off for Stranger Things, I just embraced it as much as possible. It was so freeing.''