Milla Jovovich believes women have ''more of a shot'' in the entertainment industry these days.

The 41-year-old actress has become famous all over the globe for her role as zombie fighting heroine Alice in the 'Resident Evil' film series, and has said whilst there are more opportunities for women to shine in today's society, she believes there's still a long way to go before the playing field is completely equal.

Asked if there were more opportunities for women in Hollywood now compared to when she started her career, Milla said: ''There are in some ways, and there aren't in other ways. These days, women definitely have more of a shot. But at the same time, even today, we're under attack from many different places and governments, including our own. You can send in a resume and call yourself Michael, and then list the same credits and accomplishments and call yourself Michelle, and Michael is probably going to get the job, and be paid more for the same amount of work. That's just the reality.''

And Milla - who has two daughters Ever, nine, and Dashiel, 23 months, with her husband Paul W.S. Anderson - is concerned about the opportunities for women in the entertainment business since her eldest daughter, who starred with her in 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, is interested in becoming an actress.

She told Prestige Hong Kong magazine: ''She wants to be an actress. She's been acting since she was five. That's when I said to her, 'Fine, but you have to learn to read really well, because there will be scripts for auditions.' She went up two grade levels in reading.

''Then she asked me again at the age of six, and I sent her to acting classes. She loves auditioning, being on set and experiencing all these incredible things. She's quite a talented little girl.''