Milla Jovovich believes the ''worst thing in the world'' is wearing make-up on the plane.

The 40-year-old model- who was the face of beauty brand Revlon's campaigns - has admitted she cannot wear any beauty products when she is flying because she believes her skin ''changes'' during a flight and thinks cosmetics don't ''sit right'' on her face.

Speaking about her beauty tips when travelling, the brunette beauty said: ''The worst thing in the world to me is wearing make-up on the plane. I feel like your skin like changes on the flight and make-up just doesn't sit right, so I just bring sunglasses.''

And the catwalk icon - who has starred in campaigns for luxury fashion houses including Versace, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior - has revealed she ''always'' moisturises her skin whilst travelling and wears a Dauphin eye mask, which is like ''jelly'', around her eyes.

She added: ''I always like to be really moisturized. I have this amazing mask, it's almost like the Dauphin eye mask. It's jelly that you put around your eyes and it's really moisturizing. I get two big bottles of water and drink a lot of water on the flight ... I like to keep completely, super hydrated.''

However, the 'Zoolander' actress has revealed she is trying to find a new style to suit her prior to turning 41 in December this year.

Speaking about her fashion sense to W magazine, she said: ''I've been missing wearing hippie clothes, but I feel like my hair right now is not like a hippie-friendly cut, so unfortunately I haven't been rocking any of my Free People clothes because I don't have the hair for it. But I like myself with short hair and boys suits, baggy jeans and button-up shirts, so that's where I've been for the last year. I like to mix a bit of conservative, rock-and-roll feeling. That's always something I've gone back to, over the years.

''I'm about to have another birthday in December, I'm going to be 41, so I've been sort of feeling a certain style lately, so that's kind of been my thing.''