Milla Jovovich's nine-year-old daughter Ever is a ''natural'' actress.

Ever plays a younger version of Milla's on-screen character Alice in 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' and the 41-year-old Hollywood star has hailed her daughter's acting talents.

Milla - who shares Ever with her director husband Paul W. S. Anderson - shared: ''It's amazing because our daughter really just has a shine towards acting. She has a real passion for it. It feels like she turned seven and suddenly she's just so mature.

''The way she speaks and the things she talks about. She said she wanted to be on a TV show and be on Disney. So we told her that she would have to take acting classes and she asked that we get her into an acting class.

''So we got her into an acting class in LA and she's just incredible. She's super-comfortable and natural.''

Milla said that despite her tender years, Ever - who was only seven when 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' was shot - has already ''found her calling'' in life.

The actress, who also has a 21-month-old daughter called Dashiel, told Channel24: ''As a mom I felt relieved that my daughter really found her calling. She's so real and so comfortable with being herself and having such a great time doing it.''

She insisted, too, that Ever enjoys acting so much she doesn't consider it to be a job.

Milla said: ''I started really young but I never had such a great time doing it when I was young. It was something my mom wanted me to do and I felt it was something my mom did really well. For me it was always work, where for her it's not work.''