Milla Jovovich, the Ukrainian-born actress and star of the Resident Evil movies, claims she would be happy for her daughter to become a model but warns she must be prepared to put in the hard work. Milla, now approaching Hollywood veteran status after 25 years in the business, claims she would be delighted for 3-year-old Ever Gabo to follow in her footsteps.
During an interview with the Irish Independent, Milla was quizzed on how she'd react if Ever showed a desire to begin modelling, to which she coolly replied, "That's fine.She just needs to put the work in and be educated about it. I want to be able to drill her about who the best 20 photographers in the industry are". If she became interested in acting, Mila explained, "I want to see that she wants to go to acting classes and take drama in school". Jovovich acknowledged that her daughter had a "very privileged" upbringing compared to her own, but adding, ".if she wants to do something before she finishes high school she better work for it to prove to me that she has the follow-through to finish it". The actress is currently starring in her latest action movie 'The Three Musketeers 3D', directed by her husband Paul W S Anderson.
Milla will soon begin work on 'Resident Evil: Retribution', the latest movie in the long running action franchise.