Milla Jovovich's two-year-old daughter is already aware of the paparazzi - she wants to "break" the cameras that constantly follow her family around.
The Resident Evil star is mum to little Ever Gabo, her child with filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson.
But the family struggles with the attention of photographers during days out - and Jovovich resorts to drastic measures to avoid them interfering with her child's playtime.
She tells People, "She's like, 'Momma come to the park with me,' and I say, 'When Momma goes to the park, all the photographers come, so you go and play with your friends.' It gets really tense at the park.
"She's getting used to photographers but she says, 'I want to break them. Oh camera. I want to break them.' Sometimes I don't even see them and she spots them, like, from a mile away."