Hollywood beauty Milla Jovovich fears her acting career took longer to establish because people constantly pronounced her surname incorrectly.

The RESIDENT EVIL star considered changing her surname because she believed movie bosses ignored her because Jovovich is too difficult to say.

She says, "It's the bane of my existence. No one ever gets it right in America. When I first started acting my mum wanted me to change my name, but my dad said he'd disown me.

"Milla Johnson maybe, Milla Jones, Milla Jo, or how about just M-Jo? Really anything but Jovovich. It's hard to make a name for yourself if people can't even pronounce it.

"Then maybe that's my thing. Better to be known as the actress with the impossible name - Jovosomething, Jovowhatever, Jovobitch - than not at all."

07/02/2005 09:06