Screen siren Milla Jovovich is finalising plans to open a boutique in New York to sell her own collection of designs - but she hasn't turned her back on her movie career.

The exclusive JOVOVICH-HAWK clothes shop in New York's bohemian Greenwich Village district will only be open to customers by appointment.

The 29-year-old says, "It'll be in Greenwich Village and be by appointment only. It's called the Jovovich-Hawk boutique."

But Jovovich has no intention of abandoning acting in favour of fashion design: "I'm starting a film called .45 in about a month and it's the first of three independent projects slated for this year for me.

"I love working on smaller films, because people take bigger risks with the script material and characters, so it's really easy to get immersed in a totally different world from the one you're actually living in."

17/03/2005 14:00