Miley Cyrus has dismissed rumors that a new, supposedly leaked song that has appeared online is anything to do with her. The song has appeared on a tumblr site named The Virgin Miley, with a song clip labelled "a leaked Miley song clip." In a message on Twitter, Miley confirmed "that is most definitely not me or my new style of music."
The person behind the Twitter handle @TeamMileyNY posted a link to the tumblr site, but even such a dedicated Miley fan was not too quick to jump on the track and casted doubts over its authenticity, saying "Apparently this is a leaked Miley song snippet, but I doubt it - thoughts!" Last week, E! News revealed that Miley had been working on her latest studio album, which is looking set to be moving in a sexier, more mature direction than some of her previous work. She has ditched the Disney connections and is now thought to be working with Bruce Fohr of Red Light Management, who is used to working with rock bands such as Foo Fighters and The Dave Matthews Band.
Miley also recently revealed that she is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. It looks as though the couple will be in for a long engagement, though, as their work schedules are both seriously hectic right now and Miley has said that she want's to finish off her "adult and sexy and believable" new album before she walks up the aisle.