Miley Cyrus promises to keep foam fingers out of her MTV European Music Awards performance.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer caused controversy earlier this year when she 'twerked' against Robin Thicke and made suggestive motions with a foam finger - but she has ruled out a repeat when she takes to the stage tomorrow night (10.11.13) in Amsterdam.

She told MTV News: ''God, I don't know [what people will think]. If I only knew.

''But I can't think of any kind of prop that I would use [to] disrespect and offend.

''So I think I'm good about that. No Foam Finger Association is going to call me. I made custom [alien costumes], I made my own. No one owns aliens.''

The racy star's performance on the night will have a focus on science fiction and outer space because of her love of extraterrestrial beings.

She said: ''I've had this vision for a while. I've wanted to somehow involve something around aliens - because I really love aliens.

''Obviously, I really loved teddy bears so I built a whole show around teddy bears ... And I also like aliens, so I built the show around aliens.

''And when I knew that [ex-LMFAO musician] Redfoo was going to be there, I just felt he was the perfect person to get involved in what I'm all about, which is just having fun on the show, and not doing anything too serious.''