Controversial pop stars Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber will regret their bad behaviour when they are older, according to veteran entertainer Jimmy Osmond.

The 1970s pop idol, who found fame as a youngster in family band The Osmonds, admits his siblings protected him from the pressures modern stars like Cyrus and Bieber face, and he is convinced they are being forced to shock to stay in the limelight.

In an interview with BBC Sunday Morning Live, Osmond says, "I think nowadays we reward bad behaviour because it's good business for the media. I think if you really look at maybe Miley Cyrus and the core of her and the core of Justin Bieber, you see some good kids just trying to figure it out to stay on top because there's such pressure when you're up there.

''These entourages, you're supporting everybody and you feel so much pressure that you have to almost shock people to stay in the mainstream... They have a responsibility. They're affecting young teenage minds that this is good behaviour, and someday they're going to look back at that and regret it.''