Miley Cyrus is tweeting "vicariously" through her friend.

The 'Hannah Montana' star stopped using the micro-blogging website five months ago and although she insists she doesn't miss it, she can't resist keeping an eye on the site and is constantly asking her pal for updates.

She explained: "I've been tweeting vicariously through my friend who is on my show, Emily Osment. So I'm like, 'For all the life that you live on twitter, I'll live through you.' So I'm always like, 'What are people saying?' "

The 17-year-old star even made a cameo appearance on her friend's account recently, getting Emily to post a picture of her for their fans.

Miley explained to US TV show 'Access Hollywood': "I posted a picture on there the other day. She took my picture and I said just write 'Hi from Miley.' I stood by a thing of hay and said 'Hey!' and that was it."