Miley Cyrus was bribed by one of her fans.

The 'We Can't Stop' singer - who is currently in London to promote her new single - was amused when she was offered a surprising proposition by a bold fan who was keen to catch her attention.

Speaking to Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, she said: ''Someone tried to bribe me yesterday. I was walking to my hotel and one of my fans said very much the same thing. They wanted to come up, come hang.

''I was like, 'We've gotta go inside! We've gotta go inside!' They were like, 'We've got cigarettes and Sour Patch Kids!' ''

The 20-year-old star admitted she often has awkward encounters with fans who try to snap pictures with her in inappropriate situations.

Miley explained: ''It is really weird when people ask to take your picture in the bathroom. You're all, 'Can we step outside, just for one second?' - with all the wet sinks in the background.

''You know, people write all that messed-up stuff on the side of the stalls. I'm like, 'Do we have to take the picture right here?' ''

The singer said she is keen to enjoy her promotional trip to London, and will be taking time out of her busy schedule to relax and see the sights.

She added: ''I'm probably just gonna lay in bed, try to catch up and do some shopping. I've got my friends here, one of my friends has never been here before.

''So, I want to take them to the [London] Eye, and wanna go walk around a little bit. I only want to see inside of stores but I feel like I should take him to go see something!''