The actress Evan Rachel Wood has defended her comments about Miley Cyrus ' new haircut (August 2012) which she made on her Twitter page this week. Cyrus stunned fans with a short bleached blonde pixie cut last month, and Wood - who is bisexual - joked, "I called it! Miley Cyrus is leaning toward gay".
The remark caused a storm on Twitter, with the actress receiving a wave of criticism from Miley's fans, however, she fought back on Thursday (August 23, 2012), saying, "Ok. To be clear. I believe you should be able to joke and have a sense of humour about everything. And I hate explaining, but just to be clear, I don't judge people on how they look. Nor do I associate a hair style with sexuality". The former partner of Marilyn Manson added, "I myself am bisexual and have always 'joked' about Miley giving me gay vibes. Not a bad thing! Just an observation. So I 'joked' when she cut her hair that it supported my case. But, I am not so closes minded or into stereotypes or labelling. It was a joke". Cyrus didn't seem too offended by the remarks, given that she subsequently added Wood as a friend on the social networking site, with the actress saying, "Now Miley Cyrus and I are friends. Let this be a lesson to all of you".
Cyrus initially confused her followers by posting images of her new hair on Twitter, before covering it up with her shirt while snapped on a night out with fiance LIAM HEMSWORTH.