Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are probably going to find themselves in need of a wedding planner if they want to get hitched before they reach retirement age. The young couple have announced their intentions to wed but right now, their work schedules are looking so hectic that it's hard to spot a window for a white wedding.
A source close to the couple has told E! News that Miley is busy working on a new album, which she's hoping is going to be "very adult and sexy and believable." An insider told E! that Miley's really enjoying making music "for the first time in her career." Earlier this year, Miley took the decision to shake off her Disney image and signed with Bruce Fohr of Red Light Management. Flohr is used to working with the likes of Foo Fighters and The Dave Matthews Band so Miley's fans may well need to brace themselves for a heavier sound.
What's more, Cyrus fully intends to release the album in advance of the wedding. What with the inevitable promotional interviews and touring that go with a new album release, Liam could find that he's in for a long engagement before he gets to walk the former Hannah Montana star up the aisle. That said, Hemsworth is hardly going to be sat around twiddling his thumbs; he's currently in New Orleans working on Dito Montiel's Empire State movie.