Miley Cyrus has thanked fans for raising money for charity in honour of her 20th birthday.

The singer/actress reached the milestone on Friday (23Nov12), and her loyal devotees rallied round to send donations to two of Cyrus' favoured organisations instead of sending her gifts.

The star learned her fans had pledged money to the Starkey Hearing Foundation and animal charity Saving Spot! Dog Rescue, and she has taken to her page to thank them for their generosity.

In a post, she writes, "Thank you to all my fans who donated to starkey hearing spot rescue dogs for my birthday. y'all topped it again best bday (sic) present by far!"

Cyrus also shared a photograph which showed her posing between birthday balloons depicting a '2' and a '0', and added, "Great night last night. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me."

The charity donations from fans weren't the only presents Cyrus received - activists at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) adopted a pig, called Nora, in Miley's name as she transitioned from a teenager to her 20s.