Miley Cyrus is suffering from the ''worst stomach flu of all time''.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker appears to have taken ill last night (19.01.14) and in a candid Twitter message, the former Disney child star admitted she wishes she hadn't been in such a rush to grow up as she wants to be comforted like a child as she recuperates.

The 21-year-old pop star revealed her illness to her 16 million fans on the social media site by humorously altering the lyrics to Daft Punk's hit song, 'Get Lucky'.

She tweeted: ''up all night to get pukey :(

''I have the worst stomach flu of all time. (sic)''

The controversial star later added: ''Regretting all the times I wanted to be grown up as a kid #someonebabyme (sic)''

As Miley's legions of fans wished her a speedy recovery, the 'Adore You' singer declared then ''everything hurts''.

While the majority of her tweets were about her illness, the star appeared to become agitated at one point in the evening, blasting hypocritical people in her life, but Miley failed to explain the situation.

The cryptic message read: ''people talk so much s**t about people who do the exact same s**t they do. #hypocritesruleeverythingaroundme #sickandtired (sic)''