Miley Cyrus was on hand to appear at the American Giving Awards recently, the recently set up US television event that aims to give out money to some of the most deserving charities and foundations worldwide. The 19 year-old former Disney star was in attendance and performed as To Write Love On Her Arms, a Melbourne, Australia-based organization took home $1 million dollars from the awards; the charity launched following its founder posting a Myspace message about a friend's reliance on self-harming to get through depression. Tworkowski started selling t-shirts to raise funds to help his friend and the group has grown to help people worldwide suffering with depression and self-harming issues, including suicide prevention.
Florida Today reports that Tworkowski was hugely emotional upon receiving the award - four other organizations also received smaller hand outs - stating "It was just surreal, like this Super Bowl-moment. I just started crying. To be recognized that way, and to think what we can do with that money, it's just an incredible thing. It's not something we could dream."
Although happy to take to the side lines here, there was no denying that Cyrus was in limelight taking form elsewhere as she appeared at the 'CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute' event in Los Angeles wearing an extremely low-cut top, a far cry from the Disney teen that first came to the general public's attention. Us Magazine were among those who noticed Cyrus' eye-catching attire, the star looking stunning in the yellow Roberto Cavalli dress.