An eventful few days for Miley Cyrus looks to be continuing as, following news that a stalker had gotten into her Los Angeles home after professing to be her husband, her rep has now been forced to deny to TMZ that the 19 year-old is a suspect in a criminal battery incident allegedly committed inside a Hollywood nightclub theatre.

The teenage superstar was hoping to attract attention last week when she unveiled a new look that saw her hair bleached blonde and cut to a crop. However, what's ensued is most likely not what the singer had in mind. The Huffington Post reports that a man by the name of Jason Luis Rivera has now been charged on two counts of trespassing and one count of resisting arrest for his alleged break-in to Cyrus' house over the weekend. He was reportedly carrying a pair of scissors when he was found in the property, although he pleaded not guilty to the charges. He returns to court on September 17th.

TMZ meanwhile reported that a report filed to the police alleged that Cyrus was with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth at a night club when an argument broke out between them and a group of people nearby. The rumours went on to claim that the argument escalated and Cyrus pushed someone away and struck them in the face. Her rep, however, states "This claim is completely false and erroneous."