Miley Cyrus has slammed internet stars like the YouTube sensation Rebecca Black over their easy route to stardom.
Miley Cyrus, the American pop singer and star of 'Hannah Montana', has dissed 'internet' stars' like Rebecca Black, claiming it should be "harder" to become an artist then simply posting a song on YouTube, reports Australia's Daily Telegraph.Cyrus, who is currently promoting her first tour in Australia, launched into a tirade concerning singers who gain fame through the internet. When asked about artists such as Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber, Miley said, "It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn't just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour". Both Black and Bieber got their starts in the music industry after being spotted on the video sharing site. Speaking specifically about lip-synching, Cyrus said, "I don't lip-sync. I would rather someone say I sang like crap than have people see me lip-sync". The 18-year-old hit the headlines earlier this year after she was photographed allegedly smoking a herbal substance through a bong, but Miley played down the incident, saying, "I mess up. There you go. But if you live your life trying to be perfect, you don't really live your life ever".
During an interview on the 'Down Under' radio show, Miley Cyrus refused to confirm that she is single, saying, "I don't want to cross out the Australian boys but I may or may not be single".