Miley Cyrus believes Dolly Parton made country music more ''sexual'' than anyone else.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker has claimed her godmother's provocative antics have been one of the keys to her longevity in the entertainment industry.

Asked what career advice Dolly has given her through the years, Miley shared: ''The best thing that she does is she's not afraid to laugh at herself. And she pushed the boundaries for country music, by looking the way that she does, and saying the things that she says, and being sexual in that way. I mean, there's no one that's been able to make country music sexual more than Dolly!

''But she would say, 'Well, that's not why I'm doing this!' - I mean, she does it because she likes it. If you want to be pushing the boundaries, you have to like it. And to remember that you want to make music for the people that love your music for your honesty, and for your fans.

''Otherwise, just have fun and make the music that you love.''

The 24-year-old star insisted she never tries to keep pace with popular trends, although she admitted to being inspired by the things that surround her.

Miley also claimed her fans feel as though they can relate to her, because she's ''experiencing humanity with all the other listeners''.

Speaking to NPR, Miley explained: ''I think I'm a person that evolves really quickly, and I change. And I think for me, I don't change with the times or with fashion; I change by being active politically or philanthropically.

''I think that really changes the way that I reflect myself as well, and project who I am. Also, I think I'm very inspired by the surroundings of the real world more than the fashion on the street, or what the music is sounding like on the radio, or what I see on TV.

''I think that's why people relate to my music; because in today, I'm experiencing humanity with all the other listeners.''