Miley Cyrus told a man to ''go f**k himself'' when he wished her happy Valentine's Day.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer's relationship with Liam Hemsworth was already on the rocks early last year - ahead of them calling off their engagement in September - and she admits she was in a bad mood when someone tried to be nice to her on February 14.

Speaking about her Bangerz world tour - which kicks off on the romantic day this year - she said: ''Please dear God say it's better than my last Valentine's Day.

''I told the doorman to go f**k himself on Valentine's Day last year because he told me 'Happy Valentine's Day'. I was just having one of those days. It's true, sorry.''

Still single Miley, 21, is also looking forward to being on the road, because it gives her chance to be ''normal'' and see new places.

She said: ''It's hard because we get stuck on these 30-hour drives. It's weird when you're on tour, sometimes I get to feel like I'm a bit normal - I ride motorbikes sometimes. But I like travelling around on the open road and I like going out in different cities.''