Miley Cyrus has reached out to Justin Bieber to make peace with the teenage singer after she accused him of acting like a 12 year old in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

The former Hannah Montana star opened up about her friendship with Bieber in a chat with the magazine, revealing she has been dishing out advice since his personal troubles became headline news.

Cyrus suggested Bieber has been struggling to deal with life in the spotlight as fame has stunted his emotional growth, telling the publication, "I do mentor him in a way... I just don't want to see him f**k that (his career) up, to where people think he's Vanilla Ice. I tell him that. Like, 'You don't want to become a joke. When you go out, don't start s**t (get in fights). Don't come in shirtless.' But the thing is, I think boys are, like, seven years behind. So in his head, he's really, like, 12."

The singer/actress has now reached out to Bieber following the publication of the article, insisting she did not mean to sound insulting.

In a message sent to Bieber via, she writes, "Always have Always will root for Justin Bieber he always has and Always will be the s**t (good). Only lames twist words."

Bieber, who is currently on tour in Asia, responded, "Miley Cyrus all good. I know what it is. We keep it interesting."