Miley Cyrus no longer talks about Liam Hemsworth.

The 20-year-old star and her fiancé have endured a turbulent few months amid reports 'The Hunger Games' star had been unfaithful, and it is now claimed the former 'Hannah Montana' star has lost the excitement she felt at the start of their relationship.

A source told ''Miley's not talking to her friends about what's going on in her relationship with Liam right now. She's just not going there and has been talking about other things with her friends - nothing personal about her relationship though.

''In the beginning, like when they got engaged and even back when they first met, Miley was head over heels. She would talk about Liam non-stop but now, it's not like that.''

However, despite her silence, friends are hoping it indicates that there are no problems.

The source added: ''Miley's a great girl and she doesn't care what people say or think. The only person who could ever say if something is wrong is Miley herself and she hasn't done so! It seems they're as happy as can be.''

It has been claimed Liam, 23, is getting ''cold feet'' over tying the knot with Miley - who he proposed to last summer - and it was him who suggested postponing their wedding.

A close pal of the couple said: ''They've both been getting pressured by their management teams to hold off on the wedding, but it was Liam that gave in first and admitted that they should wait.

''He didn't call it off or anything, he just wanted to take some more time but I guess some people might call that cold feet.''