Miley Cyrus could emerge as an unlikely cover star of adult magazine Playboy if sources are to be believed, with the monthly publication seeking to keep its stock high after the much-talked-about cover and pictorial of actress and model Lindsay Lohan leaked online last month ahead of publishing - such was the anticipation for it.
Cyrus has grown up with a squeaky clean image, something Walt Disney were keen to push onto her in her breakthrough as the character Hannah Montana who she began playing in 2004, aged 14. However as the star got older and progressed into pop music and adolescence she's been in the spotlight for a number of incidents that -while for the most are what most teens get up to - in the world of celebrity have caused controversy; namely repeated allusions to smoking weed as well as being caught pole dancing at a party aged just 16 in 2009.
It's that sort of edge which insiders believed have placed her on a shortlist for a potential future Playboy cover, with Now Magazine's source claiming "Since Miley's marijuana controversy gave her a bit of bad girl edge, they hope to convince her team that it's time to ditch the wholesome image and try something new," it's believed that the magazine are willing to offer $1.3 million for the pictorial, with Selena Gomez another believed to be in their sights.