Miley Cyrus doesn't want to get married.

The 'Malibu' singer is very happy with her fiance Liam Hemsworth - who she dated on and off from 2009 to 2013, before reconciling in late 2014 - but insists she has ''too much living to do'' before she can even think about tying the knot.

She said: ''I don't envision marriage. I'm 24. I hope I get to live a little bit more. I have too much living to do [before I get married.''

But Miley - who dated the likes of model Stella Maxwell and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger during her break from Liam - couldn't be happier with her personal life and is ''stunned'' by how well things are going.

She told Grazia magazine: ''Three years ago, if you'd asked me if I'd be here, this happy with this man, I'd have been stunned.

''I'm just riding this out. In some relationships, you lose yourself by being with someone else. Actually, it made me find myself more.

''I have no idea what the next three years will bring, but if it's possible to get even happier, I'll take it.''

Miley previously opened up about her sexuality, admitting she identifies as pansexual and had her first relationship with a girl.

Speaking last October, she said: ''My whole life, I didn't understand my own gender and my own sexuality. I always hated the word 'bisexual', because that's even putting me in a box. I don't ever think about someone being a boy or someone being a girl.

''My eyes started opening in the fifth or sixth grade. My first relationship in my life was with a chick. I grew up in a very religious Southern family. The universe has always given me the power to know I'll be OK. Even at that time, when my parents didn't understand, I just felt that one day they are going to understand.''