Debate is raging in the Twitter world as to whether Miley Cyrus' short hair is a positive step forward for the former Disney star, or a copycat style that's now well and truly dated. Miley Cyrus revealed the platinum blonde pixie cut on Monday (August `13, 2012), splitting her 7 million online followers down the middle, and taking some pretty heavy criticism in the process.

There remains some confusion as to whether Miley actually likes the style herself. Initially, she hit back at her detractors, saying she felt "free" with the new style and claiming that she'd never felt more like herself. However, when the barbed comments began to build up, the singer and actress went well and truly on the back foot. On Monday evening, she was snapped in Philadelphia with fiance Liam Hemsworth trying to cover up the new short style with her shirt. Early on Tuesday, she posted a message that read, "self love is the greatest of all flatterers", before posting an image of herself wearing deep red lipstick that made her look scarily like Courtney Love. The new style is certainly a first for Miley (who has favoured long sandy coloured locks for a while now), but has it been done before? The supermodel Agyness Deyn has rocked a similar look for years, which has become her signature style, though perhaps Miley's style could be regarded as a little more punky. The actress Michelle Williams has also tried out the platinum blonde pixie cut before (although again, a more muted version), and Harry Potter star Emma Watson wore a similar style last year (though she remained a natural brunette).
For the moment, we'll give Miley Cyrus the benefit of the doubt and say it's a pretty original style (at least in recent years). No doubt it'll be a different colour altogether tomorrow.