Miley Cyrus thinks men watch ''too much porn''.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer - whose engagement to Liam Hemsworth ended last September - believes the women who appear in the X-rated movies ''don't exist'' in real life and by watching the footage guys are giving themselves unrealistic expectations about sex upon entering a relationship, but she thinks girls watching rom-coms have equally unattainable ideas about love.

Speaking in the latest issue of W magazine, Miley said: ''Guys watch too much porn, Those girls don't exist. They're not real girls. And that's like us watching romance movies. That's girl porn, because, like, those guys do not exist.''

The 21-year-old singer isn't a fan of romance and insists she isn't impressed by guys who plan grand gestures to impress her as she prefers dates which are more low-key.

Miley added: ''I don't need you to impress me. I don't want you to, like, take me to fancy restaurants.' I hate sitting down for dinner! You don't have to do that to me! You don't have to take me on trips! I literally just want to chill here!''

Miley - who was romantically linked to Kellan Lutz last month - insists she is in no rush to begin a new relationship as she is so devoted to her music career.

She explained: ''That's why I'm, like, not trying to jump into a relationship...I love my music so much, and I love what I'm doing so much that that has become my other half - rather than another person.''