Miley Cyrus claims airport security staff are ''nervous'' about patting her down - but she enjoys feeling a ''human touch'' before she flies.

The 26-year-old star doesn't take any of her jewellery off when she is passing through metal detectors pre-boarding which means the employees have to give her a body search.

Miley has started to enjoy the feeling of the staff's hands on her body, admitting she's ''in to it''.

Speaking to Roman Kemp on his 'Capital Breakfast' radio show, she said: ''They have a love/hate [thing]. Because you know they hate because it's definitely kind of annoying because I never take it off, but they love me because they always get to do the pat down. ''They're getting very sensitive with the pat down and I'm kind of like in to it. Like human touch, you know. But they're getting like more and more nervous about doing that kind of thing but I actually like it you know ... I need a little human touch.''

In her interview Miley also spilled on what sort of date nights she and her husband Liam Hemsworth enjoy.

The former 'Hannah Montana' actress admits she and the 29-year-old actor like nothing more than snuggling up on the soda for some Netflix and chill and Chinese food.

She said: ''We are, like, the biggest TV junkies ever. We've pretty much watched every show that Netflix has, three times. All we like to do, we both like Chinese food and Netflix so this is pretty much our ultimate date. This is how like the proposal should have gone.''