Miley Cyrus' father loves her fiance.

The 19-year-old actress announced her engagement to 'Hunger Games' star Liam Hemsworth earlier this year and while Billy Ray Cyrus is happy that they are not in a hurry to marry, he approves of the relationship because Liam makes Miley so happy.

He said: ''One thing I do know she's very happy right now and that's fantastic. She's worked hard enough in her life. Whatever she wants. There's no date planned. I like Liam a lot. He's a great actor too.''

Billy also revealed he is proud of her daughter for having the courage to reinvent herself after her successful show 'Hannah Montana' ended and loves her new blonde hair.

He said: ''She sent me a picture and said, 'How do you like my new hair?' And I said, 'I love it.' I just think her hair looks great. ... It'd been easy to ride the 'Hannah Montana' train forever but she had the courage to reinvent herself. I respect that. To me that's the evolution of a true artist.''