Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are recording new music together.

The 'Can't Be Tamed' singer was spotted leaving a Hollywood recording studio within minutes of Justin, 19, on Thursday (16.05.13) and they are believed to be working on a collaboration.

A photographer from said: ''There aren't that many recording booths at this studio, they must be doing something together. Justin and Miley left within minutes of each other - it's too coincidental. There's gotta be a collaboration in the works.''

Miley recently worked with gangster-rapper-turned-reggae artist Snoop Lion on the song 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks'.

He said: ''Miley Cyrus was always a great singer to me and I knew she was a fan so it was great for us to collaborate.

''It's what she's going through and what I'm going through, she makes great music.''

The 20-year-old singer is so determined to make her new album a success, she admitted she has pushed her all of her relationships aside to focus on her music.

She said: ''All I do is focus on my music. The only place I ever am is at the studio.

''I mean it's literally like my friends, my relationships with everyone around me have honestly changed since I've been working on my record because it's the only thing that I've wanted to give 120 per cent to and I think it's the only time in my life that I've pushed everything aside, everyone aside, anything that, you know, really mattered and just became about the music.''