Miley Cyrus cut her hair off to break the stereotype attached to women.

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker admits she changed up her image because she wanted to shake off the long blonde hair, curvaceous figure label attached to women living in the twentieth century.

Speaking to Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine, she said: ''I'm trying to break out of that longer hair, big boobs stereotype that women feel they have to conform to. I mean, we're not living in the freakin' 1950s - short hair is OK. Have people really got so little imagination? Every morning I look in the mirror and I feel like a blank canvas and I choose who I want to be.''

The 20-year-old singer - who caused uproar after her raunchy bikini-clad performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August - admits her mother Tish was less than impressed when she first saw Miley's chopped off locks.

She explained: ''Yeah, when I did it my mum was shocked at first and tripped out. I mean, she's got the whole long blonde hair thing going on, but now she loves it and wouldn't have me with it any other way.''