Miley Cyrus marched through Lax airport on Friday (June 9, 2012), wowing passers-by with her stunning 3.5 carat engagement ring. Earlier this week, the actress and singer announced she is to marry her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, reports People magazine.
In fact, it was Hemsworth who the singer was heading to see, in Louisiana where he's currently shooting his latest movie 'Empire State'. The ring is "handcrafted in 18-karat gold with intricately carved diamond floral motifs in an art nouveau pattern". Jeweller to the stars Neil Lane said the piece was "hand-cut around 1880 or 1890 and it's unique and in its original form", adding, "At that time no two diamonds were alike, as they were all hand-cut, so it's fascinating to look at because it hasn't been re-cut to look contemporary over the years. I find that really romantic". As with any high profile celebrity engagement ring, Miley's creation has already inspired some copycats, with the online jeweller Gemvara offering a replica for $3,029.
Cyrus and Hemsworth first met on the set of 'The Last Song', in which they co-starred in 2009. Miley's husband to be has since become one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood, recently starring in the huge grossing 'Hunger Games' movie.