Miley Cyrus is set to produce and star in an upcoming religious comedy by writers Sam Brown and Jack Angelo. News that the former Hannah Montana star will feature in the flick about "a broken promise to God" comes just days after she became embroiled in a religious debate on Twitter.
Little else is known about the untitled project, other than Miley's mother Tish will also take a producing credit. The announcement comes after Cyrus posted a photograph of her new 'pro-gay rights' tattoo on Twitter, prompting an immediate debate between fans. One follower asked where in the Bible it stated homosexuality was okay, but Miley hit back saying, "Where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn't.God is the only judge honey. God is love". A horde of the singer's fans quickly began attacking the user, but Cyrus defended her, saying, "Dude everyone lay off ... Love u! Everyone is entitled 2 opinions! If u don't stand 4 something you'll fall for anything". The singer last starred in Nicholas Sparks' romance 'The Last Song' and recently completed work on the action-comedy 'So Undercover' and 'Lol', which also stars Ashley Greene and Demi Moore.
Miley Cyrus incensed some fans with her pro-gay comments to Parade magazine in 2010. After receiving a flurry of angry tweets, she decided to leave the social networking site before returning earlier this year.