Miley Cyrus has lashed out at a photographer for the second day in a row.

The 18-year-old singer-and-actress was leaving a gym in West Hollywood, California, yesterday afternoon (09.03.11) when she became enraged after a paparazzo got too close her, so tried unsuccessfully to grab his camera, X17Online reports.

It comes after Miley lost her temper with a photographer on Tuesday (08.03.11) after he bumped into her mother Tish at the California Chicken Cafe.

She screamed at him: "You just rammed my mom with your camera. Don't you ever do that again. You just almost hurt my mom. Don't you ever even think about it."

In 2009, Miley claimed her life was being ruined by the paparazzi and blasted photographers who follow her everywhere, as well as branding the profession "disgusting".

The former 'Hannah Montana' star tweeted at the time: "Being a paparazzi is the most DISGUISTING job imaginable.

"Being followed around by creepy photographers is NOT in the job description! YOU try being stuck inside cuz creepers are waiting for u. [sic]"

Miley also revealed she has bad dreams about being photographed.

She said: "I have nightmares about paparazzi. I always have these flashing things in my dreams. They're so scary."