Miley Cyrus ''almost died'' playing bowling.

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer claims she had a near-death experience when she last took to the ten-pin alley and has vowed never to take part in the competitive game again after her fingers got wedged inside the ball and she ended up sliding down the lane before scoring a strike with her body.

She is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: ''I literally almost died the last time I played.

''I will never play again.

''The shoes are way too slippy and I went sliding down the lane and almost went through the pins.

''I did do a strike but it was with my own body...

''I was actually really frightened.''

Meanwhile, the twerk-mad star - who shot to fame on the Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' - has recently been struck down with bad news after her engagement to Australian hunk Liam Hemsworth was called off following months of alleged arguments over her new risqué image and provocative behaviour.

A source said previously: ''They've split for now. Miley and Liam have a very tumultuous relationship and both are exhausted.

''It's a complicated relationship. The wedding is on hold, for now. It's not cancelled but it doesn't look promising.''