Miley Cyrus has set tongues wagging with a cryptic tweet that many have interpreted as a clue to her wedding date. On Sunday (June 24, 2012), the singer and actress tweeted, "Super lazy Sunday! Can't wait for next week! It'll be filled with happiness!".
Hollywood Life is among those reading deeper into the tweet, claiming, "Miley may be getting married to her fiance Liam next weekend!" The star has since tweeted numerous other messages that appear to refer to her relationship, first saying, "Life is to short, stop compromising your happiness. Happiness is a right, a privilege that you deserve" (sic). In a post that appeared to suggest nerves or anxiety, Cyrus tweeted, "Just breathe", while another read, "I wouldn't mind if all my big plans fell apart. Left me empty handed I'll start again like new. If your with me how can I lose?". The couple announced their engagement earlier this month, with the 19-year-old subsequently showing off her huge diamond engagement ring. Though their ages certainly suggest they're in no hurry to tie the knot, neither Miley nor Liam have commented on possible wedding dates.
A possible quick-fire wedding has been given more credence after supermodel Agyness Deyn married the actor Giovanni Ribisi in Los Angeles last week, taking media outlets completely by surprise.