A man has been arrested for trying to get into Miley Cyrus' home.

Musa Danasabe Ibrahim, 26, was taken into custody by Los Angeles' Police Department (LAPD)'s Hollywood Division in the early hours of this morning (24.03.11), after he was found in the yard of one of the 18-year-old star's neighbours, mistakenly believing it to be the property of the 'Hannah Montana' actress.

An LAPD spokesperson told X17Online: "Ibrahim was trying to make entry into Miley Cyrus' house, but he got the houses mixed up. When we arrived on scene, we found him in her neighbour's yard. He was arrested for trespassing."

An onlooker described the man as a "freaky guy" who had told neighbours he "had a date with Miley."

It is not known if Miley was at home at the time of the arrest.

Ibrahim is still in custody, with bail having been set at $5,000.

Last Saturday (19.03.11), police were reportedly called to the singer-and-actress' home, though it is unclear what were the reasons for the visit or whether it was connected to today's incident.