Miley Cyrus' co-star wants a 'Hannah Montana' movie sequel to be made.

Emily Osment - who plays Miley's on-screen best friend Lilly Truscott in the movie and TV series - is desperate to work alongside the outspoken starlet on a follow-up movie or stage show.

She explained: "I don't think anyone wants to see 'Hannah Montana' ever end, so I think we need to do that. We need to do something like 'Hannah Montana Goes to London' or 'Hannah Montana on Ice'!"

However, the 17-year-old actress - who is currently filming the fourth season of the Disney TV show - is having too much fun on set to worry about 'Hannah Montana' coming to an end.

Emily said: "I would love to do a season five. I have a blast with these guys."

In March, Miley, 16, admitted she didn't want there to be anymore 'Hannah Montana' films so she could focus on expanding her career.

Meanwhile, Emily's relationship with Miley is about to experience a competitive twist as she prepares to release her debut "rock" album this year.

Emily will be working hard to add a unique twist to her music to stop the comparisons between her and Miley.

She explained: "I'm on a completely different label. I'm on Wind-up Records, and they have some hard rocking bands, so I have to keep with that. It's pop, but it's definitely rock, too. I'm sort of a rock 'n' roller, so I have to put a little bit of that in there."