Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus has hit out at the trend for gossip websites to criticise the weight and behaviour of celebrities.

The 16-year-old has herself been an object of scrutiny from the tabloid press, with controversial photographs landing the young actress in hot water over the last year.

And after the website of the Daily Mail website ran pictures of Miley at the UK premiere of the Hannah Montana film with a headline that criticised the length of her dress, the Breakout singer has said she wishes gossip sites would "go away".

"I think they're hard on the celebrities featured but the kids that go on there as well," she told reporters at a London press conference ahead of the release of the movie based on her hit Disney Channel series.

"I'm a normal girl and if I was any smaller, I'd be 'too skinny' and if I was any bigger I'd be 'too fat', there's never perfection.

"But if the sites show pictures of me on the red carpet and then kids think 'that's what you're supposed to look like', I think it gets people mixed up. Not only the celebrities, but the kids reading it as well."

Miley added: "I think it's all trash."

Hannah Montana: The Movie is released on May 1st

28/04/2009 09:20:35