Miley Cyrus has dismissed controversy surrounding saucy internet pictures in which she flashes her underwear - insisting they were harmless and she isn't sorry.
In the candid snaps, the Hannah Montana singer/actress is shown smiling at the camera wearing a black crop-top and pants as she stretches out across an unknown boy's lap.
In another shot, the 15-year-old is seen playing with her hair as she pulls down her white top with her other hand to reveal her lacy bright green bra.
But the teen superstar insists critics made a fuss about nothing: "It was me, on my MySpace. For me, I was like, 'That's two girls - it's not a big deal. But they got spread around. Like someone copied and pasted and said, 'Oh my God, look at this, and blah blah blah.' I was just like it didn't affect me. Everyone's like, 'Maybe she'll learn her lesson this time.' Nope".
The pictures were leaked just days before more scandalous shots of Cyrus, posing semi-naked, appeared in Vanity Fair magazine.