Teen sensation Miley Cyrus has found herself at the centre of a health scandal. A new report suggests select Hannah Montana-branded merchandise poses a potential risk of lead poisoning to young fans. The findings by researchers at the non-governmental agency the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) caused a stir in the U.S. earlier this week (begs17Mar08) when they were first published. Researchers purchased a variety of Hannah Montana-related items - including the Girls Rock and Undercover Pop Star backpacks, the Secret Star wallet and the slumber tote - in February (08) and tested the made-in-China products for lead, using "an X-ray fluorescence analyser". And they claim several items contained above the "federal standard for lead in paint (600 parts per million)", while others proved to contain "lead concentrations above the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommended level (40 parts per million)" - all of which were found in the "vinyl parts" of the products. CEH officials are now looking into whether the products are in violation of California's Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 before deciding whether or not to take action. A spokesperson from Disney, the company behind the Hannah Montana franchise, has refused to comment directly on the case, but says, "We require all licensed producers of products using Disney characters to test their products and to comply with all applicable product safety laws and standards." A representative for Cyrus has yet to comment on the report. The American Academy of Pediatrics has labelled lead a "serious threat to children's health" and reiterates that there is "no 'safe' level of lead exposure" of the mineral, which can lead to neurological damage and kidney and heart disease.