Advertising experts disagree about whether Miley Cyrus hurt her "ability to influence brand affinity" by appearing in Vanity Fair magazine in poses that critics have described as suggestive and scandalous. David Weisswasser, head of Platinum Rye, which provides celebrity talent for top ad agencies, told Advertising Age that he though the photos were "rather tame" and were intended to help Cyrus make the transition for "pop tart" to artist. However, Jason Michelotti of Davie Brown Talent in Portland, OR, said that while her fans probably think the Vanity Fair spread is no big deal, "their parents think it's a big deal, and that's why advertisers are likely to be concerned." And Mike Sitrick, whose PR firm advised Paris Hilton after she was jailed, told AdAge that he would advise Cyrus's parents to "go on the attack. ... I mean, she exposed no more of her body than would be seen in most junior prom dresses or even bathing suits."