Miles Teller finds it ''frustrating'' when people call his acting effortless.

The 29-year-old actor insists he prepares extensively for each role he takes on, so when his 'War Dogs' director Todd Phillips said it is ''almost as if he doesn't have to try'', Miles was not impressed.

Todd said: ''I think Miles is world-class actor. It's almost if he doesn't have to try. don't mean that in a negative way; he's just naturally gifted. It's amazing to watch.''

However, when told about the quote, Miles explained to The Observer Magazine: ''That's frustrating'' It's frustrating when people say that because an actor's greatest tool is his preparation and I've always felt like I do as much prep as anybody.''

Miles and Jonah Hill, 32, star in the new movie about the real-life story of two 20-something stoners who won a $300 million contract with the Pentagon to supply US allies with arms in Afghanistan and Miles admitted he has some things in common with his character David.

He said: ''David came from Miami, which could not be more different from where I grew up, like the sticks in Florida, out in the woods. But in some ways we were in very similar circumstances at that age. Like he plays guitar, I play guitar. I smoked a ton of pot, as did David. I don't know if I'd have been able to go into meetings like David did. I did not do that s**t when I was high. That was not my entertainment.

''I was smoking multiple times a day every day. But I slowed down on it and really stopped for a while because my career started going and I didn't want to mess it up when I was high. If someone sent me an email, I didn't want to respond and obviously you can't do that s**t.

''Now, I'm kind of easing back into it.''