Miles Teller is doing ''OK'' after he flipped his truck in an accident on Thursday evening (22.12.16).

The 'War Dogs' star has taken to social media to reassure his fans he and his girlfriend are safe and unharmed after an ''irrational'' driver drove into oncoming traffic.

Taking to Twitter after the ordeal, he wrote: ''Me and @keleighsperry are okay. I hope the other passengers are as well. The over driver pulled into oncoming traffic and bad accident was unavoidable ... This woman's irrational and ignorant decision put our lives and her passengers in very real danger. Happy we could walk away. (sic)''

The 29-year-old actor was driving with his girlfriend in San Fernando Valley when an Uber taxi driver turned left in front of Miles' Bronco, causing the accident.

Understandably, Miles wasn't very happy with the other driver and he reportedly got out of the car and started screaming at him.

Two people - who were passengers in the Uber taxi - were taken to hospital for minor injuries but Miles was unhurt, TMZ reported.

However, E! News reports that the hunky star suffered major whiplash and only the taxi driver was taken to a nearby hospital.

And The Valley Traffic Division told the publication it is the Uber driver who is to blame.

Miles was no doubt shook up by the crash, as when he was 20 years old, he was in a serious crash, which left him with scars.

He previously shared: ''My buddy lost control of my car going at 80 mph. We flipped eight times. I got ejected out of the window. The car landed and I was just laying like 50 feet from the car, unconscious, covered in blood.

''My buddy thought I was dead.''

Talking about the marks he is left with from that accident in 2007, he said: ''I got scars on my face. I still have two rocks in my face.''

The 'Whiplash' star had to undergo laser surgery on the scars for several years after, and his blemishes prevent him from being chosen in auditions for movie roles.

He added: ''When I first started auditioning, people were straight up just like, 'Yeah, Miles is a good actor, [but it] doesn't make sense for this character to have scars. They [the scars] used to be really bad.''