Miles Kane thinks guitar bands don't get into the UK charts because "people are brainwashed".

The 'Inhaler' singer and co-frontman of The Last of the Shadow Puppets has released his debut solo album, 'The Colour of the Trap', and while he feels lucky to have gained radio play, he is aware of how hard it is for indie groups to get in the charts.

He said: "To break the singles chart, it's a tough thing these days. It's just because people are brainwashed, it needs to be put back in the public eye.

"When you look at the charts, it's ridiculous. I want the day when guitar music, what I do, and loads of bands do, are fighting in the top 10 singles, you know what I mean.

"I've been saying this since day one. I've been pretty lucky with the last few singles that Radio 1 have A-listed them, which is great in this day and age.

The singer also said while he hopes his career lasts forever, but if the hits were to dry up, he'd consider getting a job in a kitchen.

He said: "This is it and hopefully I can do this forever. I don't know what I would do, maybe be a chef?"