Miles Kane wants to work with Jack White.

The 'Bombshells' singer, who has already teamed up with Paul Weller and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, looks up to The White Stripes star and wants to write music with him.

Miles told BANG Showbiz: ''I'd love it, if I had my dream, to work with Jack White. I massively take inspiration from him and I like his work ethic.

''I've only ever met him in passing really, we've never even had a chat.''

He also hasn't ruled out recording more music with Alex Turner as supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets.

Miles said: ''It's nice that people have still interest in The Last Shadow Puppets, it was five years ago.

''People still want another record, I guess we feel quite honoured and one day we'll do it.

''We'd just have to write some tunes and see what they're like.

''We're both enjoying these records we're doing but we have worked together since.''

The singer has also become a fan of Lana Del Rey.

He added: ''I've been listening to a bit of Lana Del Rey, I know I'm a bit late with that but I quite like some of her lyrics, I don't mind a couple of her tunes.''