Miles Kane jokes ''shagging'' keeps him slim.

The 27-year-old singer - who is rumoured to be dating MTV presenter Laura Whitmore, 28, - puts his figure down to his antics in the bedroom.

Quizzed on how he keeps so skinny, he told Q magazine: ''It's all the shagging I've been doing.''

Before adding: ''I'm only joking! I'm just a skinny f***er!''

Miles takes his responsibility as a fashion icon seriously and thinks wearing the right clothes increases a person's confidence and wants a woman who is similarly image conscious.

He said: ''I like the feeling looking good gives you, and it sets the mood for the day. I think Rod Stewart said that you might not be the best looking lad, but wearing the right clobber gives you confidence. You need to look sharp.

''I'm going for the bowl-cut, quite Beatle-y. Good clothes and a good haircut, that's important, you want that in a girl too.''

Miles' look is so important to him that he has stage-wear specially made for him by designer Ray Brown, who is also helping plan the outfits for his autumn tour to promote his latest LP 'Don't forget who you are'.