Milagres Announce New Album 'Violent Light' Out 24th February 2014

Milagres Announce New Album 'Violent Light' Out 24th February 2014

Brooklyn based Milagres have shared new track 'The Letterbomb' taken from the upcoming new album Violent Light out 24th February 2014 on Memphis Industries.

If the last album (Glowing Mouth) from Brooklyn brooders Milagres was an essay on human frailty, composed in a haze of Vicodin from a hospital bed after a climbing accident left lead vocalist Kyle Wilson incapacitated for months, the follow-up is about living life - a brave, bold fuck-you to mortality that seeps sex from its pores and dazzles in its gossamer alt-pop.

The only record you'll hear next year (or any other) to borrow from both Heroes-era Bowie and Southern rap hooligan Waka Flocka Flame ("I love the way his rhythm tracks just prattle on and on without repeating themselves, somehow never sounding overcomplicated" says Wilson), this new full-length release from the band sounds like a trip into another universe, full of trippy analogue synths, manipulated samples, punchy distorted guitars and heavy brass orchestrations.

Now a four piece, Milagres - completed by producer and bass player Fraser McCulloch, keyboard player Chris Brazee and drummer Paul Payabyab - sound destined for stardom. Till then, Wilson, like all great musicians before their breakthrough, is living a humble existence in his adopted home of Brooklyn. "I work as a waiter in a Michelin star restaurant.  I once waited on Lou Reed's birthday party. David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Julian Schnabel and Salman Rushdie were all at the table. I was a little bummed that I wasn't meeting these people in another context," he says.

Should the progressive, forward thinking and life-affirming Violent Light find the acclaim it deserves, Wilson could get that opportunity yet.


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