Mila Kunis has to restrain herself from googling her own name.

The 'Ted' actress tries not to get caught up in fame and the Hollywood lifestyle and says she needs other things in her life outside of her career or she would go mad.

Speaking to James Franco for Interview magazine, she said: ''If all my eggs were in this basket and I had nothing else and I was just so enamoured with it all.This industry can eat you alive. I think it feeds you a lot of b******t and then spits you right back out, and then you get caught up in it because so much of it is perception and opinion.

''The fact that there is no right or wrong is what I think is maddening. I can think you're a phenomenal actor, but the guy next door can think you're a horrible actor, and neither of us is wrong and neither of us is right. It's just a matter of opinion. And when your only source of happiness comes from that opinion, you go mad. So I think that you have to restrain yourself from googling your name and have other hobbies and desires and wants.''

However, Mila admitted it's not easy to focus on other things.

She said: ''It's easier said than done - it's easier said than done at this very moment for me. But I feel like I consciously make an effort to remind myself of that-or at least I'm trying and making it a priority.